We’re proud to present a comprehensive list of every Brunswick single that reached the Top 100 of the Billboard R&B and Pop charts. Hopefully you’re as impressed as we are at the sheer number of hits released over the 25-year period between 1957 & 1982


11/04/57Jackie WilsonReet Petite-62
04/14/58Jackie WilsonTo Be Loved722
09/22/58Jackie WilsonWe Have Love-93
11/17/58Jackie WilsonLonely Teardrops17
01/26/59The AccentsWiggle Wiggle
04/06/59Jackie WilsonThat's Why (I Love You So)213
06/22/59Jackie WilsonI'll Be Satisfied
08/24/59Bob McFadden & DorThe Mummy-39
09/14/59Jackie WilsonYou Better Know It137
11/23/59Jackie WilsonTalk That Talk334
04/04/60Jackie WilsonDoggin' Around134
04/11/60Jackie WilsonNight34
07/11/60Jackie WilsonA Woman A Lover A Friend115
07/11/60Jackie WilsonAll My Love-12
11/21/60Jackie WilsonAm I The Man1032
11/28/60Jackie WilsonAlone At Last208
02/13/61Jackie WilsonThe Tear Of The Year1044
02/20/61Jackie WilsonMy Empty Arms259
04/17/61Jackie WilsonPlease Tell Me Why1120
06/26/61Jackie WilsonI'm Comin' On Back To You919
08/07/61Jackie WilsonYears From Now2537
08/21/61Jackie WilsonYou Don't Know What It Means1979
08/04/62Jackie WilsonI Just Can't Help It1770
03/23/63Jackie WilsonBaby Workout15
07/13/63Jackie Wilson & Linda HopkinsShake A Hand2142
07/27/63Jackie WilsonShake! Shake! Shake!2133
09/21/63Jackie WilsonBaby Get It61Hot
05/23/64Jackie WilsonBig Boss Line94Hot
08/22/64Jackie WilsonSqueeze Her – Tease Her89Hot
03/13/65Jackie WilsonDanny Boy2594
03/27/65Gene ChandlerYou Can't Hurt Me No More4092
07/03/65Jackie WilsonNo Pity (In The Naked City)2559
04/10/65Gene ChandlerNothing Can Stop Me318
09/18/65Gene ChandlerGood Times4092
11/06/65Jackie WilsonI Believe I'll Love On3496
02/05/66Jackie Wilson & Lavern BakerThink Twice3793
10/08/66Jackie WilsonWhispers (Gettin' Louder)511
11/26/66The ArtisticsI'm Gonna Miss You955
12/24/66The Young-Holt UnlimitedWack Wack1240
02/18/67Jackie WilsonJust Be Sincere4391
03/04/67Jackie WilsonI Don't Want To Lose You1184
03/11/67Gene ChandlerThe Girl Don't Care1666
03/25/67The ArtisticsGirl I Need You2669
06/03/67Jackie WilsonI've Lost You3582
08/26/67Jackie Wilson(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher16
09/23/67Gene ChandlerThere Goes The Lover4698
12/16/67Jackie WilsonSince You Showed Me How To Be Happy2232
03/09/68Jackie Wilson & Count BasieFor Your Precious Love2649
03/23/68Barbara Acklin & Gene ChandlerShow Me The Way To Go30-
05/04/68Jackie Wilson & Count BasieChain Gang3784
07/06/68Barbara AcklinLove Makes A Woman315
07/20/68Jackie WilsonI Get The Sweetest Feeling1234
09/14/68Gene ChandlerThere Was A Time2282
10/26/68Barbara Acklin & Gene ChandlerFrom The Teacher To The Preacher1657
11/30/68The Young-Holt UnlimitedSoulful Strut33
12/07/68Barbara AcklinJust Ain't No Love2367
12/21/68Tyrone DavisCan I Change My Mind15
02/08/69The Chi-LitesGive It Away1088
02/22/69Barbara AcklinAm I The Same Girl3379
03/29/69Tyrone DavisIs It Something That You've Got534
04/05/69Jackie WilsonI Still Love You39105
04/05/69Erma FranklinGotta Find Me A Lover40-
06/14/69The Young-Holt UnlimitedJust A Melody49-
06/21/69Major LanceFollow The Leader28125
07/26/69The Chi-LitesLet Me Be The Man My Daddy Was1594
09/13/69Jackie WilsonHelpless21108
10/18/69The Chi-LitesThe Twelfth Of Never47122
11/08/69Barbara AcklinAfter You30-
11/22/69Otis LeavillI Love You1063
12/13/69Fred HughesBaby Boy25-
02/14/70The Chi-Lites24 Hours Of Sadness30119
02/21/70Willie HendersonFunky Chicken2291
03/21/70Tyrone DavisTurn Back The Hands Of Time13
03/21/70The ArtisticsJust Another Heartache48-
05/02/70Jackie WilsonLet This Be A Letter3491
05/30/70The Lost GenerationThe Sly, Slick & The Wicked1430
07/04/70The Chi-LitesI Like Your Lovin' (Do You Like Mine)1172
07/04/70Tyrone DavisI'll Be Right Here853
07/18/70Fred HughesI Understand45-
09/05/70Otis LeavillLove Uprising972
10/03/70Tyrone DavisLet Me Back In1258
10/10/70Barbara AcklinI Did It28121
11/07/70The Lost GenerationWait A Minute25127
11/21/70The Chi-LitesAre You My Woman (Tell Me So)872
12/12/70Jackie Wilson(I Can Feel Those Vibrations) This Love Is Real9-
01/30/71The ArtisticsMake My Life Over48-
02/20/71The Lost GenerationSomeday48-
03/20/71Tyrone DavisCould I Forget You1060
04/03/71The Chi-Lites(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People426
07/03/71The Lost GenerationTalking The Teenage Language35-
07/03/71Tyrone DavisOne Way Ticket (To Nowhere)1875
07/17/71The Chi-LitesWe Are Neighbors1770
10/16/71The Chi-LitesI Want To Pay You Back (For Loving Me)3595
10/23/71The Chi-LitesHave You Seen Her13
10/30/71Tyrone DavisYou Keep Me Holding On1594
11/13/71Jackie WilsonLove Is Funny That Way1895
12/25/71Barbara AcklinLady Lady Lady44-
02/19/72Jackie WilsonYou Got Me Walking2293
03/04/72Tyrone DavisI Had It All The Time561
04/08/72The Chi-LitesOh Girl11
05/13/72Jackie WilsonThe Girl Turned Me On44-
07/01/72Tyrone DavisWas I Just A Fool26-
07/22/72The Chi-LitesThe Coldest Days Of My Life847
09/30/72The Chi-LitesA Lonely Man2557
10/28/72Tyrone DavisIf You Had A Change Of Mind28107
12/02/72Barbara AcklinI Call It Trouble49-
12/09/72The Chi-LitesWe Need Order1361
02/10/73The Chi-LitesA Letter To Myself333
03/31/73Tyrone DavisWithout You In My Life564
05/12/73Jackie WilsonBecause Of You45-
06/02/73The Chi-LitesMy Heart Just Keeps On Breaking4692
07/14/73Tyrone DavisThere It Is932
07/21/73The Chi-LitesStoned Out Of My Mind230
07/28/73Jackie WilsonSing A Little Song95-
10/13/73Tyrone DavisWrapped Up In Your Warm & Tender Love19-
11/03/73The Chi-LitesI Found Sunshine1747
11/19/73Walter JacksonIt Doesn't Take Much91-
01/12/74Tyrone DavisI Wish It Was Me1157
01/19/74The Chi-LitesHomely Girl354
03/02/74Sidney Joe QuallsWhere The Lilies Grow65-
04/27/74The Chi-LitesThere Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is…)863
05/11/74Tyrone DavisWhat Goes Up (Must Come Down)1189
08/24/74The Chi-LitesYou Got To Be The One1583
08/31/74Tyrone DavisHappiness Is Being With You27-
10/19/74Sidney Joe QuallsHow Can You Say Goodbye / I Enjoy Loving You47-
11/16/74BohannonSouth African Man78-
12/07/74Tyrone DavisI Can't Make It Without You38-
12/21/74The Chi-LitesToby / That's How Long778
03/01/75Tyrone DavisHomewreckers36-
06/21/75BohannonFoot Stompin' Music3989
07/12/75Tyrone DavisA Woman Needs To Be Loved38-
09/20/75The Chi-LitesIt's Time For Love / Here I Am2794
09/27/75BohannonDisco Stomp62-
11/15/75Jackie Wilson & The Chi-LitesDon't Burn No Bridges91-
12/06/75Tyrone DavisTurning Point1-
01/17/76The Chi-LitesThe Devil Is Doing His Work32-
02/28/76BohannonBohannon's Beat65-
05/08/76Tyrone DavisIt's So Good (To Be Home With You)9-
06/05/76The Chi-LitesYou Don't Have To Go50-
12/25/76Tyrone DavisEver Lovin' Girl39-
01/19/80Vaughan Mason & CrewBounce Rock Skate Roll581
06/07/80Vaughan Mason & CrewRoller Skate52-
11/22/80O.C. SmithDreams Come True83-
12/27/80First LoveDon't Say Goodnight67-
08/21/81Vaughan Mason & CrewJammin' Big Guitar65-
01/09/82AM FMYou Are The One36-
07/31/82LegacyWord Up71-
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